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Separate Worlds Authors page

Get your speculative fiction stories published. 

Separate Worlds is always looking for speculative fiction stories to publish in our anthologies.  If you want to be published you must write good, entertaining cohesive stories.  The genre is very broad.  We are looking for stories where things happen that don't happen in the real world.  This includes science fiction, fantasy, horror with science fiction or fantasy elements, magic realism, and many more.  We look for good characters, interesting plots, and a gripping tale to be told.  All stories submitted receive a blind reading to determine publishability, so established authors and up and comers have the same process and the same chances.

In terms of length, we accept a wide range.  Usually short stories should be 2000-10000 words in length.  We do accept shorter works as flash fiction, however, these microstories must be complete, and not just scenes from a longer work.  Longer works will also be considered for serialization, which means more publications credits.

Please send any submissions to authors@separateworlds.com in .doc, .txt, or .rtf formats.  We cannot guarantee the readability of any others.

When we accept a story for publication, we are asking for electronic distribution rights in perpetuity.  Our anthologies do not go out of print, since they are purely electronic.  However, you retain any and all other rights.  We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, and stories that have been published before, so long as you, the author, retain the rights to market those previously published stories.

We retain files of all material we have published, so if you wanted one of your stories we have published in the past forwarded to another prospective publisher as part of a portfolio or proof of outside publication, we are happy to do so.  We are also quite happy to forward inquiries about your work to you if you so desire.  Authors published in Separate Worlds receive a free copy of the anthology their stories appear in.

Submission Guidlines

When choosing work for publication, our reviewers consider three questions:

1)  Is the story speculative fiction?  By this, we mean does the story have some unreal element at its core?  Could the speculative part of the story be easily removed without hurting the story?  We want stories that have strong fantasy or science fiction elements to them that are fairly central to the plot.  If a story is primarily a horror story, then the horror must be unearthly in some way.  A serial killer stalking someone won't do it.  If the story is mostly an action story, the action should center around some fantasy or science fiction ideas, dragons or aliens or wizards or space battles.  If a story is mostly a thriller, then some science fiction or fantasy element must be at the core of the tension.  A tangential speculative element won't suffice, the story has to revolve around the fantasy or science fiction or other unreal part.

2)  Is the story complete?  Does it have a begining, middle and end?  Are there many threads left unresolved at the end?  We do accept serialized fiction, so not all questions must be answered at the end of each part for this, but we will generally not begin publishing a serialized work unless we have the enitre piece to work with.  There also has to be a strong plot and enough details of setting and characters to keep a reader's interst.  Finally, the story must hook a reader in some way to make people want to keep reading until the end.

3)  Is the story well written?  The includes problems with grammar and spelling as well as poorly completely story elements.  If the characters have no personality or motivation, if the plot elements do not connect well, if the setting is left undefined then the story is not ready for publication.

Please consider these questions when preparing to submit your work.

Don't delay, get writing and get published with Spectacular Speculations.

To submit a story, poem or other text work,  first go to TrueShare and enter:

User:  Author

Pass:  WriteSub

Upload your work there, and then send us an email at authors@separateworlds.com.  Please make sure that you include your name and an email address we can contact you at in the uploaded file.  If we don't know how to reach you, we cannot make the publication deal.  We look forward to hearing from you.