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Welcome to Separate Worlds

Welcome! To Our Online Science Fiction Short Story Store

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Separate Worlds offers speculative fiction magazines monthly delivered to your email inbox.  The speculative fiction magazines are pdf files, and so can be read on any computer or offline pdf reader. We don't restrict you to a single device, once you have subscribed to our speculative fiction magazines, you can put the speculative fictional stories on any and all computers in your home, and on pdf readers or other portable devices (such as flash drives, PDAs or netbooks). As long as it is your machine, you can put a copy of your speculative fiction magazines on it legally. 

Separate Worlds has a science fiction short story to offer anyone interested in speculative fiction.

For readers, we offer a larger collection of speculative fiction stories than you might expect. Our aim is to provide all readers with at least twenty good speculative fiction stories in all our speculative fiction magazines, supplemented by several other quality speculative fiction works, such as poetry, song lyrics and others. Once you have a subscription with us, you'll be able to take these speculative fictions stories where ever you go. Since our speculative fiction magazines are pdf documents, not only can you read them on any computer with an acrobat capable reader, you can also print out a hard copy at your preference. Printing and binding are offered affordably at many office supply shops if you prefer a paper version of your speculative fiction magazines. In addition, since our magazines are electronic, with no paper costs for us, we can bring you more good speculative fiction stories for less money. Our prices go as low as $2.00 per science fiction and fantasy magazine. (Please note, all prices are in Canadian Dollars.) 

Although we bring a large number of speculative fiction stories to our readers, we only accept quality work. Stories are reviewed by readers to determine if the stories are of sufficient quality to be published in our speculative fiction magazines. Our reviewers are people just like you, who also want to read good speculative fiction stories. We do not publish everything sent to us, only those that meet our standards.

If you are an author of speculative fiction stories that would like to be read by a wider audience, then we would be happy to review your work and let you know if it is acceptable for our speculative fiction magazines. We have reviewers do blind readings (no author information provided) so that new and established speculative fiction authors all have the same chances to get something published. We don't want to play favorites. If a work is rejected, we will give you reasons why and are happy to accept resubmissions. We do not require exclusive distribution rights for your work in our speculative fiction magazines. Once it has been published with us you are free to market your speculative fiction stories elsewhere. Be aware, however, that some markets will require exclusive distribution rights, and as our electronic speculative fiction magazines remain in 'print' permanently, once you have been published with us, you will not have exclusive rights to provide other publishers. Always make sure you know what rights a publisher is asking for. We require only distribution rights for written and audio versions of your speculative fiction stories. We do plan to add MP3 versions of all speculative fiction magazines as soon as possible.

If you are an artist that uses speculative fiction themes, we are also happy to consider your work for cover art and interior artwork. Once again, we do not require exclusive distribution rights so if you are on the cover of one of our speculative fiction magazines and someone contacts you about purchasing a print of that cover, you are free to provide it to them, or not as you see fit. We will not sell covers or interior artwork as separate works, and if we get requests to purchase prints of your art, we will be quite happy to forward them to you if you would like to receive them.

If you are interested in acting as a reading reviewer to help us select the best speculative fiction stories every month, we welcome your interest. You would be responsible for reading a certain number of stories assigned to you every month, and providing a critique of the works for the authors' benefit. We are planning to maintain a group of several good reviewers for our speculative fiction magazines, and each reviewer will receive a copy of any magazine they do review work on free of charge.

As you can see, Separate Worlds offers something for anyone interested in speculative fiction. So contact us for more information, or subscribe now for the best in speculative fiction magazines delivered to you.

Separate Worlds: We bring new worlds to you.